GW60 Data Deletion Guide

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After uploading your GPS data, you can choose to leave your data on the GW60 or clear the data log. For details on uploading GW60 data, check out our GW60 Data Upload Guide. Most GW60 users prefer to clear the log after each upload. This allows each session to be recorded in a separate file. If you don't clear both the Log Data and Top Speeds, the data will be merged. This causes issues such as seeing your previous session top speeds during your next session.

There are 2 ways to clear the GW60 Log Data and Top Speeds:

1. Using Locosys GW-60 Utility; or

2. Using the GW60 watch buttons

For users with a Windows PC and the Utility already installed, the first method is the quickest and most reliable, so we'll detail that first:

GW60 Data Deletion with Locosys GW-60 Utility:
1. With the GW60 already connected to the Utility, click "Log Data" tab and click "Quick Clear Log". This clears all the GPS track data from the GW60, but not the top speed records.
2. Still on the "Log Data" screen, at the right hand side under "Top Speeds", click the "Delete" button. This clears the top speeds records from the GW60.

GW60 Data Deletion on Watch:
1. From the clock screen, press the GPS button.
2. Press the ADJUST button, when "DEL LOG" appears select YES and press ADJUST to clear the Log Data.
3. Still in GPS mode, scroll using RESET button to the "TOP RSLT" screen.
4. Press ADJUST and select YES and ADJUST to delete the Top Speeds.
5. Press GPS to return to clock mode on your GW60. The watch is now ready for your next session.

Note that data deletion on the watch should be done while stationary, so no new speed data is collected while operating in GPS mode.