GW60 First Use Guide

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All of our Locosys GW60 GPS watches are pre-configured with:

  • Latest proven and fully-functional Firmware - currently V1.2; and
  • Proven settings - so the watch works straight out of the box

So when you purchase a GW60 GPS from Windsurfing Gear, all you need to do for the first use is:

    • Charge the GW60 with the included USB cable until the screen turns off (fully charged). This takes 2-4 hours depending on the residual charge.
        • Go sailing! When you're ready to start sailing press the GPS button (to turn on the GPS) and then press MODE and START buttons simultaneously to lock the buttons. Locking the watch prevents accidentally turning off the GPS while sailing.

          When you finish sailing, use the above instructions in reverse order to firstly unlock the watch and then turn-off the GPS operation. The watch will store a saved data file of your session. If required, you can turn the GPS back on again and it will record another session.

          Please note that a new GW60 may take a couple of minutes to connect with satellites and obtain a satellite lock. Once this occurs, the watch time will synchronise to the local time. After the first use, satellite lock is usually achieved within 30 seconds.

          After sailing always rinse the GW60 in freshwater and dry before attempting to recharge or upload data.

          For details on uploading stored GPS data, check out our GW60 Data Upload Guide.

          For details on clearing the GW60 data logs, check out our GW60 Data Deletion Guide.