Black Project Kestrel Fin Tuttlebox

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The Black Project Kestrel SpeedDelta Fin is designed for GPS speed sailing in shallow or heavy weed locations. This fin is not yet publicly available and is a special project fin. The Kestrel SpeedDelta Fin has been tested in Australia at Lake Budgewoi with superior results to other Delta fins. These Kestrel fins are the most spin-out resistant delta fin available and are highly recommended.

Black Project Kestrel Fin Features:

  • GPS Speed Fin
  • Extreme shallow water and weedy locations
  • Spin-out resistant
  • Extreme stiffness and durability
  • With or without paint on trailing edge

Black Project Kestrel Fin Specifications:

16 Power/Tuttle Speed Speed
17 Power/Tuttle Speed Speed
18 Power/Tuttle Speed Speed
19 Power/Tuttle 5.0-7.0 80-90
20 Power/Tuttle 6.0-7.0 90-100
22 Power/Tuttle 7.0-7.8 100-110
24 Power/Tuttle 7.8-8.6 110-120
26 Power/Tuttle 8.6+ 120+