Bic Windsurf Foil

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The Bic Windsurf Foil is a new windsurfing foil developed by BIC Windsurf & Kerfoils. The Bic Windsurf Foil suits the Techno 133 and Techno 148 boards, or other windsurfing boards with a Deep Tuttlebox.

The Bic Windsurf Foil is mounted on a 70cm mast, the BIC Windsurf/Kerfoils windfoil is simple to control once you’re flying. The angle of board and foil are controlled with foot pressure to find the sweet-spot for maximum speed. The idea of this BIC Windsurf & Kerfoils concept is to enable you to be flying at lower wind speeds, to increase your potential speed in lighter winds, and to give you a completely new sensation of windsurfing… the pure pleasure of literally flying over the water without board noise. A unique experience!

The Bic Windsurf Foil mast, fuselage and wings are all made of uni-directional and biaxial carbon fibre to give the ideal combination of flex and stiffness for improved control and optimum performance. This also makes the Bic Windsurf Foil incredibly light.

Bic Windsurf Foil Specifications:

  • Foil Mast height: 70cm
  • Front wing length: 82cm
  • Rear wing length: 50.5cm
  • Material: Carbon
  • Foil Weight: 2.6kg
  • Deep Tuttle Box fitting