Black Project Serpent Freewave Weed

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The Black Project Serpent Freewave Weed Fin is designed for wave board sailing over weed or shallow water. Windsurfing Anti-Weed Freewave Fin – The Serpent anti-weed freewave windsurf fin range is designed to increase board speed, widen wind range and enhance turning abilities of all single fin freewave and freemove boards. The Serpent is tuned to mirror the performance of the more upright Kraken freewave fin yet also be resistant to weed and kelp. The 45° progressive rake design sheds even the heaviest debris. Due to its shallow depth the Serpent will also be popular for windsurfing in shallow water. The Serpent fin range consists of five size options to cover all riders with a wide range of boards and wind conditions and is available in EQCM sizing for easy fin choice and fin quiver management.

Black Project Serpent Freewave Weed Fin Features:

  • Extremely weed resistant with 45° rake from vertical
  • EQCM Sizing simplifies fin quiver managment
  • Maximum performance: All points of sail + high maneuverability
  • Extremely spin-out resistant at low and high speeds
  • Increased trailing edge thickness to increase safely
  • Available in Powerbox (US Base by order)
  • Solid G-10 base for maximum strength
  • High quality protective foam cover

Black Project Serpent Freewave Weed Fin Sizes:

EQCM Sizes: 24 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32

Equivalent Centimeter Sizing (EQCM) enables you to switch between regular and anti-weed fins with ease. No need to adjust, if you use a 30cm Kraken in non-weed locations just pick the 30 EQCM size of the Serpent if sailing with weed and/or shallow water.