Black Project WeedSpeed50 Fin Tuttlebox

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The Black Project WeedSpeed50 Fin is designed for speed over heavy weed or shallow water. Suitable for all levels of windsurfer. The Black Project WeedSpeed50 is ideal for heavy weed locations and where some chop exists beyond the weedbank. For extremely shallow conditions, checkout the Black Project Kestrel SpeedDelta Fin. Note the size of these fins is NOT the depth drawn - see the table below. Sizing on these fins is based on the upright fin equivalent and not the length or depth of the fin.

Black Project WeedSpeed50 Fin Features:

  • Maximum performance: Close reach to deep reach
  • 50 degree rake for shedding thick weed and shallow water conditions
  • Outstanding acceleration, control and speed
  • Highly spin-out resistant
  • Solid G-10 Tuttle base (Powerbox available by order)
  • Threaded brass inserts

Black Project WeedSpeed50 Fin Specifications:

25 (20) Tuttle 247 4.5-5.5 Speed
28 (22) Tuttle 269 4.5-6.0 Speed
31 (24) Tuttle 299 5.0-6.5 75-90
34 (26) Tuttle 327 5.5-7.0 85-100
38 (28) Tuttle 362 6.5-7.5 90-110
42 (30) Tuttle 381 7.0-8.0 100-120