Black Project WQ8 SUP Fin

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Stand Up Paddle (SUP) fins designed for racing and weed conditions. The WQ8 proves excellent weed sheddin, even with thick seaweed. These SUP fins have it all!

Black Project WQ8 SUP Fin Features:

  • Maximum performance: Weed shedding with low drag for long distance racing
  • Very high rake for weed shedding
  • Exceptional downwind performance
  • HP trapezoid outline for maximum efficiency
  • Solid G-10 Standard Wave Base (US Box)
  • Advanced SUP laminar flow foil technology
  • Each fin comes with stainless lock-in screw and brass nut plus fin cover

Black Project WQ8 SUP Fin Specifications:

21 US 199 Calm Smaller, efficient paddlers
22 US 219 Calm-Windy All Riders, depending on conditions
24 US 260 Windy Bigger, powerful paddlers