Chinook Pro1 Carbon Boom V2

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New version Chinook Pro1 Carbon Booms provide light-weight construction, durability and top quality - made in the USA. This new version (V2) includes improved boom collars and a flat-style carbon tail-piece. We supply a custom 160-226cm carbon boom with adjustable outhaul pulleys built into the clew, as the 160 boom size is popular with slalom and speed windsurfers using race sails. All Chinook Pro1 carbon booms from 180cm upwards also include an adjustable outhaul pulley system on the clew. We can also supply Chinook custom carbon booms made in either 28mm or 32mm grip diameter, tail sections with up to 66cm of adjustment with quick loop and/or adjustable outhaul clew systems.

Chinook Pro1 carbon booms are perfect for any windsurfing skill level. These carbon booms are much lighter and easier to handle compared to alloy booms. Suitable for standard and reduced diameter masts, all Chinook Pro1 carbon booms include a removable shim on the boom head. Absolute adjustment markings in 2cm increments make rigging and boom adjustments simple. For any sizes not listed or for a custom size boom, please Contact Us for options.

Chinook Pro1 Carbon Boom V2 Specifications:

135-185 35.5 28 2.02 CLEAT
150-200 36 28 2.11 CLEAT
160-226 46.5 28 2.27 CLEAT+PULLEYS
180-246 47 28 2.59 CLEAT+PULLEYS