Ezzy RDM90 Hookipa Mast

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The Ezzy "Hookipa" Mast is promoted as the strongest mast in the world. Named after the huge wave breaks that roll into the beach at Hookipa in Hawaii, these masts are built to handle extreme windsurfing conditions. Complete masts (top and bottom sections) are supplied with an included padded mast bag.

Ezzy RDM90 Mast Features:

  • 90% pre-preg carbon fiber. Pre-preg is the key to achieving a superior weight-to-strength ratio.
  • Superior strength through 50% extra thickness of mast walls.
  • Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM) provide improved handling and easier rigging.
  • Ezzy mast tops and bottoms are interchangeable and can be purchased individually. You can buy the perfect combination for your sail quiver, that means fewer masts.
  • Ezzy Masts work perfectly with Ezzy Sails and any other sails that specify a constant curve mast.

Ezzy RDM90 Mast Specifications:

340 28.2 15.4 1.57
370 26.3 17.0 1.55
400 24.3 18.4 1.7
430 25.1 21.9 1.97
460 25.5 25.5 2.20
490 26.6 30.2 2.21