Fin Bolt Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel Fin Bolts are available in a range of lengths from 30mm to 100mm for different fin and fin-box combinations. See the guide below when selecting the correct fin bolt size and note that sizing assumes both a stainless washer and rubber washer will be used. Where a fin bolt washer is not used, we recommend a fin bolt 5mm shorter. Fin bolts are sold on an each basis. Fin bolt stainless steel washers and fin bolt rubber washers are sold separately.

Measurement for Fin Bolts:
Insert the fin into the board and use a long thin object such as a needle to gauge the distance from the bottom of the fin nut to the top of the board attachment. If using washers, order a fin bolt length rounded down to the nearest 5mm. If washers are not used, order a fin bolt rounded down another 5mm. Note fin bolts are measured on the length of the threaded section, not including the bolt head.

Fin Bolt - Fin and Fin Box Guide:

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