Severne Alu Race Boom

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The Severne Alu Race Boom is an alloy windsurfing boom designed for larger sails. The Alu Race Boom is extremely stiff for an alloy boom. This is achieved through optimization of wall thickness and a larger tube diameter towards the clew. The one piece monocoque body also utilises a large diameter tail-piece extending more than 700mm into the boom arms to maximise stiffness. Even at full extension there is over 500mm still inside the arm of the larger sizes to maintain ultimate performance. The combined result is an aluminium race boom close to carbon in rigidity at a fraction of the cost. The Severne Alu Race Boom is ideal for big sails and windsurfers on a budget. For any sizes not listed, please Contact Us for availability.

Severne Alu Race Boom Specifications:

Alu Race 190-240cm Race SDM 29-33.3mm
Alu Race 220-250cm Race SDM 29-33.3mm
Alu Race 250-270mm Race SDM 29-33.3mm