Severne Enigma Carbon Boom

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The Severne Enigma Boom is a carbon windsurfing boom, designed to be the lightest, stiffest and most durable boom in existence. The custom carbon manufacture of the Severne Enigma booms has one main objective: to produce the best stiffness to weight ratio. We highly recommend these Severne Enigma Carbon Booms. If you like a really stiff carbon boom, this is the boom for you.

Severne Enigma Carbon Boom Specifications:

Enigma 140-190cm Wave RDM 25mm
Enigma 150-200cm Wave RDM 25mm
Enigma 160-210cm Freemove SDM 27mm
Enigma 170-220cm Freemove SDM 27mm
Enigma 180-230cm Race Kick SDM 29-33mm
Enigma 190-240cm Race Kick SDM 29-33mm
Enigma 210-260cm Race Kick SDM 29-33mm
Enigma 240-290cm Race Kick SDM 29-33mm