Severne Gorilla G2 Mast

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The Severne Gorilla G2 Mast is designed for extreme durability and ultimate reliability. The Gorilla G2 includes a 2 year warranty and is the strongest RDM mast available for Severne Sails. Gorilla G2 mast top/bottom sections can be interchanged with other Gorilla G2 mast sizes to generate a custom mast length and feel. The Severne Gorilla G2 Masts are also designed to match the latest Severne wave, freeride and (smaller) race sails. The new Severne Gorilla G2 Masts are lighter than the previous Gorilla masts. Each mast comes complete with a Severne Padded Mast Bag.

Severne Gorilla G2 Mast Features:

  • 2 year no questions asked limited warranty
  • Padded Mast-Bag Included
  • Interchangeable sections
  • Strongest RDM mast in Severne range
  • +7 Measured Offset Accuracy

Severne Gorilla G2 Mast Specifications:

GORILLA G2 340 RDM 15 1.3
GORILLA G2 370 RDM 17 1.6
GORILLA G2 400 RDM 19 1.7
GORILLA G2 430 RDM 21 1.9
GORILLA G2 460 RDM 25 2.0